Amos Lovell, Shamanic Medicine

Readings and Healing

Intuitive Readings:

Intuitive or Psychic readings are a clear deep look into your conscious and subconscious self as you are now, with the help of your spirit guides, archangels, animal spirits, loved ones that have passed, and many others.  [Read more…]


Channeling is a clear avenue for you to receive healing, communication or guidance from spiritual beings. I channel for the goddess Quan Yin and Archangels including Michael, Gabriel, Ariel and others. I also channel for folks that have died. No need to end your loving connections with people because they have left their bodies.  [Read more…]

Past Life readings and regression

Many of us believe that this is one among many lifetimes we have spent on earth, and indeed I have clear memories, and have spoken with other people who also have clear memories of other lifetimes. [Read more…]

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Shamanic sessions open a doorway to shift feelings, attitudes, behavior and your body’s well being. I will serve as a channel for spirit and be shown what is going on for you and what to offer you for your best health and growth.

Clearing Release of tension, fear, stuckness, shame, emotion or burdens

that you hold in your heart or body for yourself or for others

Frequent results:

Body relaxes

Feeling of relief

Thinking and decision making is easier

Overwhelm dissipates

The little voice in your head quiets down

Containment: Confirming your physical body, and your mental and emotional bodies as a solid vessel to hold you. Solid, so you don’t leak energy, or lose touch with your true thoughts or feelings, so you can safely keep yourself in and other peoples thoughts and feelings out. And so the new clearing and learning and positive activity doesn’t leak away.

Frequent results:

Body relaxes

Self confidence improves

Better access to clear thinking and appropriate emotion

Ones true nature is easier to see

Less feeling of obligation

Re-connection (Soul Retreival)

This session calls back all of your true essence. Shock trauma, shame or habit can disconnect you from aspects of your conscious presence: Thinking, feeling, or even parts of your physical body can feel fuzzy, confused or even numb. Soul retrieval opens the doorway for you to safely return.

Frequent Responses:

Feeling more awake and alive, more energy
Clearer thinking and more presence in your body
Filling up with energy of your true self
Less Confusion or fuzziness
Individual gifts and abilities more clear and accessible

Have Drum, Will Travel!