Past Life readings and regression

Many of us believe that this is one among many lifetimes we have spent on earth, and indeed I have clear memories, and have spoken with other people who also have clear memories of other lifetimes.

Past Life regressions or readings serve several purposes. They serve as a window to self knowledge for the curious or the seeker of self knowledge. They can also be a window to identifying and releasing unexplained feelings, behaviors or fears.

Sometimes past life incidents generate feelings, beliefs and behaviors that are carried into this lifetime.. The past life story or situation is not remembered consciously. These can stimulate unexplained automatic reactions in this life. Fears or responses or attitudes that make no sense.

I can do a reading or take you on a journey in which you recall past lives your self. Both are powerful views into the realm of your spiritual life and can lead to self knowledge, healing and transformation. I have witnessed may “Ahaah” moments with past life sessions.